Welcome to Good Success Church!

We are phenomenally grateful and humbled for the privilege to serve God, having been led to found Good Success Christian Church & Ministries in 2001.

We invite you to come and "Experience the love and love the Experience!"

It is a loving and dynamic Church that serves God and the community in awesome ways by focusing on "Reaching People and Helping them to grow in their Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, and Future (F5)!"

It's a vision and desire for every person who connects with Good Success Church, in-person or online, that their life would be spiritually strengthened and transformed by our powerful Worship Services, the Word of God, as well as uplifted by both the love of God and the Fellowship of His people!
We help people GROW! We grow our kids and youth through our Champions' Church. We grow our young adults through our SWAG Ministry, i.e., Saved With Amazing Grace Ministry.

We grow our women through our Virtuous Women's Ministry and our men through our Mighty Men of Valor Ministry.

We also want you to grow spiritually through our Good Success Church Bible Studies, Growth Groups, Love Groups, and weekly times of Corporate Prayer & Fasting!
We want you to grow in your heart to serve in Church and in our community outreach as you are led to. There are many ministry opportunities such as our weekly free groceries give away through our Food Harvest Ministry on Tuesday and Wednesday as well as our Clothing Bank.

If you know anyone who needs help with nearly any kind of alcohol or substance addiction, we are staffed clinically and certified to help them get set free. By God's great grace so many, many people have been set free from addictions through our Ministry! We have so many great testimonies of people whose lives have been helped healed, restored, and who are experiencing "Good and Godly Success" in their lives. Just as important, we invite you to come and use your gifts and talents to serve God and others.

We believe that you too will "Experience the Love and Love the Experience" at Good Success Christian Baptist Church, as you develop your own testimony of how Jesus Christ reached you and help you to grow in your faith, family, finances, fitness, and future !





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